Ivan Rech


Ivan Rech

  • Signal Recovery (Laurea Magistrale) codice 095251

Ivan Rech has been involved in the research on single-photon detection for more than 18 years, starting from his Master thesis when he had the opportunity to join Prof. S. Cova’s group. Since the beginning he had to manage his own research and during his PhD he supervised more than 10 master students, learning the issues related to the management of a group but also the beauty of teamwork and of being able to transfer my skills to others. His contributions to single-photon world are in the area of device, fast integrated electronics and final system developing. His vision for this emerging field is that a multidisciplinary approach that addresses all the aspects of the detection from the device physics to the final data acquisition could bring to the development of real groundbreaking detection systems in crucial fields like drug analysis, single molecule and protein analysis. His research activity has covered the broad area of “Single photon detection” and proceeds along three main lines: (i) pushing the frontiers of SPAD devices, increasing their sensitivity and their time resolution through the comprehension of their physics; (ii) developing new ultrafast integrated electronics to drive SPADs, extract and convert the single-photon timing information from the analog current signal (iii) employing these advanced devices and electronics to reach previously unattainable results in field ranging from single molecule dynamics to quantum optics.

2015-now      Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano, DEIB
2005-2015     Assistant Professor  Politecnico di Milano, DEIB
2004              Research Associate on “Development of microsystems for genetic diagnostics
2001-2004    PhD with honors in Engineering for Information Technology
2000             Master’s Degree (Final mark:100/100 cum laude) in Electronics Engineering at thePolitecnico di Milano 

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