Andrea Virgilio Monti-Guarnieri


Andrea Virgilio Monti-Guarnieri

  • Fondamenti di segnali e trasmissione (Laurea Triennale) codice

He co-authored over 200 scientific publications, of which 50 international peer reviewed publications. H index (Google):32, 4500 citations, 4 conference awards and applications for 5 patents. He has been reviewer of many scientific journals, in aerospace, electronics, remote sensing, signal processing, photogrammetry, applied geophysics and Earth observations. He is currently guest editor for MPI special issue on Radio Frequency Interferences. He has been in scientific technical committees of international workshops and symposia on Radar and Earth Observation (EO). 

In 2014-2018 he had been member of “Technical-scientific Committee“, of Italian Space Agency (ASI), nominated by the president, to advice on ASI activities and strategical plans, to enforce relationship between the agency and the scientific community and to promote EO missions and their exploitation.  In 2015-2018 he had been national alternate delegate of  Group on Earth Observations(GEO).

He has a deep experience in Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar, achieved cooperating with European Space Agency since the first mission, ERS-1 with research contracts, supports to commissioning phases of all SAR satellites and participation to ESA quality working group. 

In 2003 his experience in Radar systems and application development led to cofounded spin-off Aresys srl, that he served as president (up to 2015). Aresys is active in the field of space borne SAR, ground based Radar and geophysics.

He collaborated with Argentinean space agency, CONAE, for SAOCOM L-band satellite, and he is proposer and signer (2009) of a Memorandum of Understanding” between POLIMI, CONAE and AREYS.

In 2016 he led a group of 44 scientists proposing “GEOsynchronous Sar for Terrain & Atmosphere with short Revisit” to Earth Explorer EE9 1stcall. The concept was lately re-proposed in 2018, and selected as EE-10 candidate mission

He is currently member of ESA GCLASS Mission Advisory Group.

His current interest focus on Radar based concepts, new system design, calibration and customize solution development. He is presently involved in MIMO SAR, Ground Based Radar, satellite Radar for environmental monitoring, security and civil applications. He is cooperating with meteorologists for providing water-vapor maps at high resolution to improve weather forecasts. He co-organized with POLIMI-DICA and GReD the first GEOlab–RISH international workshop on Observations and models for meteorology @ POLIMI-DEIB.