Where we are

Where we are

Electronics scientific area
Politecnico di Milano – DEIB
Building 24,
Via C. Golgi, 40
20133 Milano (Italy)

Politecnico di Milano
Building 30,
Via G. Colombo, 81
20133 Milano (Italy)

Most of professors and lecturers teaching “core” courses in Electronics, with the SSD (scientific area code) code “ING-INF / 01 – ELECTRONICS“, are located in Building 24, in Via C. Golgi 40 in Milan, and others have offices and laboratories in Building 23 and in Building 30 at PoliFAB.

Instead, professors and lecturers teaching “foundation” courses (for example Math, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Business Organization, etc.) and “side” courses (for example, Electromagnetism and Optics, Automation and Control, Signals and Transmission, etc.) are located in other buildings in the POLIMI “Leonardo” campus, inside the corresponding Department (for example, the Math professors are with the Dept. of Mathematics, in Building 14).

For more details, consult the official POLIMI Address Book.

General student services, secretariats and registrars offices for undergraduate and graduate students are located in Building 22, in via C. Golgi 42, right next the “Electronics” Building 24.

The main building of the Department of Electronics, Information science and Bioengineering (DEIB) is in Building 20, in via Ponzio 34/5, right in front of the “Giuriati” sportgrounds’ entrance.