Student Ombuds office

Student Ombuds office

The University has a Student Ombuds Office

All students who wish to complain about any behaviour violating the university regulations and the rights and duties of students at Politecnico (please go to Regulations section – in Italian only) may contact the Ombudsman

The Ombudsman: 

  • acts after a non-anonymous (signed) complaint is made;
  • carries out an adequate investigation into the matter and tries to solve it; if no settlement is possible, depending on the nature of the problem, the Ombudsman will inform:
    – the Coordinator of the Study Programme Board;
    – the Dean of the School;
    – the Chairman of the Joint Committee Teachers-Students;
    – the Rector;
    – the Student Representatives in the Academic Senate
  • protects the student against any reprisal; 
  • informs the complainant and the Student Representatives of the outcome of the inquiry. 

Students may contact the Ombudsman: 

  • by going to the Ombuds office; 
  • by mail (only signed letters are acceptable);
  • by e-mail (only signed e-mails are acceptable); 
  • over the telephone.

The Ombudsman is prof. Gerardus Janszen 
Department of Aerospace Science and Technology
Via La Masa 34 (Bovisa Campus), Milano
phone: +39 02.2399.8366