Meetings with companies: CAREEER SERVICE

Meetings with companies: CAREEER SERVICE

The Career Service brings companies to the Politecnico di Milano so that students and graduates can get in touch with them before graduation, discover career paths, develop a professional network, apply for internship and job offers.

It helps companies to make themselves known, to promote themselves as employers of choice and to hire talented people through dedicated meetings and online tools.

Events where companies meet students to help them understand the work market and possible career paths, answering questions such as: What can companies offer to new graduates? What skills are they looking for and for what positions? When can I apply? What are the sectors, areas and countries of integration?

Recruitment events
Recruitment events where companies present short-term open job or internship positions and sometimes hold real selection interviews

Job Fairs
Special events where students and graduates can get information at the Politecnico di Milano about companies that are hiring.

CAREER DAY: every year in May
INTERNATIONAL JOB FAIR: every year in October
JOB FAIR PMI: every year in November