Laurea (B.S.E.E.)

Laurea (B.S.E.E.)

The Electronics Engineering (ELN) Study Programme (Corso di Studi, CdS) is organized on three levels:

  • first-level Laurea (L) in “Ingegneria Elettronica”, equivalent to the Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering (B.S.E.E.), lasting three years;
  • second-level Laurea Magistrale (LM) in “Electronics Engineering”, equivalent to the Master of Science in Electronics Engineering (M.S.E.E.), after graduation, lasting two years;
  • third-level Ph.D. programme (Dottorato di Ricerca), after the previous two degrees, lasting three years.

Such levels can be attended and passed only sequentially. Completion of one level allows either the continuation of studies into the next level or the move to the job market, to start a working career.

The Laurea is the first-level degree, lasts three years, and provides sound engineering basics coupled to a more specific know-how on electron devices, circuits and systems, to allow students to access the job market with an adequate knowledge in the use and development of even complex electronic systems. Students who do not intend to continue their studies can opt for an internship within one of the many Companies in the Electronics and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) areas, with the aim of acquiring specific professional skills in view of the transition to the job market. Courses in the Laurea are delivered exclusively in Italian language. At the end of the Laurea Study Programme, the student graduates in “Ingegneria Elettronica” (Electronics Engineering), corresponding to the Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering (B.S.E.E.).

The Laurea Degree in Electronic Engineering (B.S.E.E.) allows admission to the Laurea Magistrale in Electronic Engineering, equivalent to the international Master of Science in Electronics Engineering (M.S.E.E.), according to the access modalities detailed in the “Educational Regulations” (“Regolamento Didattico”) of the Electronics Engineering Study Programme, available on the University website. The Admission Committee in charge to assess admission eligibility to the Laurea Magistrale (M.S.E.E.) is the same also for students coming from other Italian or international universities and/or from other Bachelor Degree Programmes.

The graduate in Electronic Engineering Laurea Degree (B.S.E.E.) can also orient himself towards other Laurea Magistrale (Master’s) Study Programmes, always with admission subject to the evaluation of the study curriculum, by the Admission Committee of the Laurea Magistrale (Master’s) Study Programme of destination.

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Educational rules for the Study Programme in Electronics Engineering

2021/2022 Academic calendar

Rules for foreign language (PoliMI official site): starting from the academic year 2006/2007, Politecnico adopts English as the EU language that has to be mastered besides Italian. This implies that students must demonstrate their acquaintance of the English language to access the Laurea Magistrale (Master of Science) Study Programmes.

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